Editorial: “Nostalgia Fetishists”


written by Skizza

You know what else was better when we were 15? Handjobs.
Loosen up the nostalgia goggles for a sec, bro, this is just me and you and I’m gonna keep it one hundred.
The brightest lights cast the longest shadows.
The longest shadows leave the deepest blind spots.
On some really real.
Ignoring your imagination is not the same thing as maturity.
On some “shit done changed” because shit just ain’t the same anymore
But just because shit ain’t the same anymore doesn’t mean that shit actually changed
We used to swap tapes at lunch break
Masking tape labels all sharpie’d up because for some reason we thought we could tag
And you know what you never asked me back then?
“Who is he?”
“Will I like him?”
“Who does he work with?”
“What label is he on?”
What happened to your enthusiasm, dog?
What happened to your passion, dog?
It’s not a sign of weakness to show sincerity
It’s not a sign of strength to walk around unhappy, jaded as fuck
priding yourself on cynicism
throwing sarcastic barbs at anyone who DARE make the mistake
of actually enjoying something in your presence.
Here, i’m’a clap out a 4/4 kick-snare loop on the cafeteria table
just like old times
and you can freestyle about that one girl in our 4th period Physics class
Who’s probably got 2 kids and a leased Ford Focus by now


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