Review: Kid CuDi – “Indicud”





This is gonna sound kinda crazy, but have you ever felt cold and warmth at the same time?  I’m not talking about a hot fudge sundae I mean like, imagine you’re in outer space and you’re just floating there in your spacesuit and it’s completely hotboxed.  You’ve got this big glass fishbowl-ass spaceman astronaut helmet thing on your head and inside there’s all these heavy wisps of dark smoke dancing around just inside the glass, but on the outside of the glass there’s condensation.  Like car windows after the car wash or something.  And you’re in outer space floating in this hotboxed space suit, just high as fuck, and you’re just slowly rotating head over feet.  So for a little while you see this crowned, immeasurable glow, but then you just see a bunch of stars streaking and bleeding through the haze in your helmet until you rotate back and see that sun again.  And you’re like cozy in this little spacesuit that’s protecting you and sustaining you, but one millimeter past that glass is just blackness and emptiness and stars and vertigo, and you just know with this unflinching certainty in your heart that that glass will never break, but you’re curiously obsessed with what would happen if it did.  



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