This is my iPod.
There are many like it.
But this one is mine.

Yo, you got a iPod, dog? You gotta have a iPod, what iPod you got?


Yo I keep it real Ice Cube with my iPod. I rock that 160 gig classic with the black and chrome finish, tucked under the waist. I’m all about function, dog. How many gigs is your iPod?

That ScHoolboy Q Oxymoron joint leaked today. Got that joint snuggled right up in my ‘S’ folders right now but it could just as easily be filed under ‘G’ for Gangsta or ‘B’ for Bangin’. I seriously fuck with this record.

I wonder how much the way we interface with music affects how we feel about music, ya know?

Like, do I feel so close to the music I listen to because I listen in headphones, or do I listen in headphones because of how close I feel?

Yo, if you snuggle up to me on the bus and get right in my ear and be like “I just stopped selling crack today” I will be very not chill with it. But for real, I got Q right up to my earlobes for the last 3 hours, no homo, and it’s fascinating.

This record is hard as fuck, too. It’s not the kind of shit that usually gets classified as “headphone rap” but I’m glad that’s how I’m bumping it. I don’t want this shit any further away. This shit is  two gold plated Desert Eagles going off beside both my eardrums just raining spent shell casings down my shoulders still hot from the chambers. I fuckin love this shit.

I wonder how leaks change the way an album hits you. It’s like, I wasn’t planning on this shit happening to me today. I ain’t know. I woke up with a link in my FaceBook inbox from the homie Omegaflow and Q basically wound up parachuting into my iPod in a bulletproof vest and a camo bucket hat machine-gunning the fuck out of the rest of my day.  Like say what you will about Tuesday at the record store, but this was some visceral, immediate, emotional impact. The phenomenon of the leak has turned the album release from a parade into an earthquake. You don’t have to bring your folding chair and wait in a crowd for your chance to catch a glimpse anymore, they just happen to you now when you least suspect it.

And ScHoolboy Q crash landed into my iPod today. And I’m fuckin psyched about that.

This chrome-finished killing machine just got another mag slapped into it.


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