The Based Lord’s Prayer

Our Based God
Who art in Berkeley
Brandon be thy name
Thy kingdom come
Thy Will be done
On Earth as it is in BasedWorld
Cook us this day our daily swag (wooo!)
And deliver us from haters,
As Task Force protects TrueBased from all FakedBased
And lead us not into negativity
But deliver us to Rareness
For ever and ever
Woo! Swag!


Thank You Based God!

Sometimes I find it hard to relate to people how I feel about Lil B. We’re in a post-Pitchfork hipster maelstrom of sardonic personal branding and tweet-speed cultural shrapnel; a social network cult in honor of irony and sarcasm. Within this context it’s exceptionally difficult to express sincere love for work that is simultaneously exposed-nerve raw and heartfelt as well as over-the-top satirical and absurdist. I don’t want to have to explain myself every time I drop a swag adlib or launch into an unexpected cooking dance.

In his NYU lecture (that’s right bitches, bet your favorite rapper hasn’t done one of those motherfuckers) Lil B said the secret to life is to look at everyone like they’re a golden million-dollar baby. Babies aren’t afraid of sincerity. Babies aren’t afraid of sincerity because babies don’t understand the concept of judgement. You’ll never meet a baby in your life who’s worried about how alt his Twitter feed is. 

Lil B’s video for “I Love You” is filmed in a small pet store and ends with B standing in an aisle cradling a snake in his arms as tears stream down his face. I have no intention of think-piecing every last bit of visceral immediate beauty out of that moment but I can assure you there is nothing “alt” or “ironic” about the way I appreciate it.

Thank You Based God!


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